I love holidays. No routine, relaxing, less responsibility, adventures and endless possibilities. Memories are made and good times are had. The only thing I don’t like about holidays is that they end. I always have trouble getting back into routine and back to work.

This Christmas break was no different. I had the most relaxing holiday I have been on in a long time. But now I am back to work and I will admit having trouble getting myself back into my routine.

Initially this post was going to be a list of tips to getting back into wellness and achieving your goals (that will come later). But as I was working on that list I was thinking about my goals that I am working towards (see below) and the thought of having another list of things to do was doing my head in.  blogtodoimage

Lately I am finding it easy to get overwhelmed with to do lists and in the end something doesn’t get done or all of it doesn’t get done.

So my recommendation to YOU is to focus on ONE thing at a time. Yes that’s right ONE thing.

I am finding that if I focus on one goal, MASTER it and then move onto the NEXT one I feel that change becomes easier.

This process may make it longer to achieve your goal BUT the action to achieve that goal will become HABIT. In the long run this is far more important than the short term. See if this works for you and let me know I would love to know your process on achieving goals.

The only thing now is a matter of deciding what action to do first. Remember you don’t have to be alone in the process. Tell a friend or your family your health goals, they might have a similar ambition and you can do it together and depending on the goal get some guidance from a professional (your GP, a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a therapist).

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You have the power to make the change to becoming a healthier you.

Happy New Year